What are the benefits of smiling

A smile is one of the most appealing sights that we can see. However, more than just visually appealing, there are also many health benefits of smiling that will increase our well-being. Just think, you can receive all these benefits just from changing your facial expressions! So why not discover some tips on how your health can benefit from smiling.



You may have heard someone tell you to ‘grin and bear it’ when faced with a difficult situation. There could be some truth in this old saying. A psychological study examined the benefits of smiling to determine if it did help with reducing stress. They found that a genuine smile, that engages the muscles around the eyes and mouth, helps reduce stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. Smiling and laughter can also help your body produce natural painkillers, help with muscle relaxation, and improve your mood. So, give it a try. When you are under stress, whatever the situation you are in, try holding a smile for just a few seconds. You will likely notice the difference in your mood. Also, as stress can put pressure on the heart and our immune system, smiling may contribute to many other health benefits too, including help against heart disease.


As mentioned before a smile is highly appealing. People who smile are often more approachable and trustworthy. A smile is usually contagious, so when you see a smile, it can make you smile. The opposite could be said about those who have a more serious expression. The question is, what type of person do you want to be? Smiling will help you to make little connections with people throughout your day. These connections can contribute to a feeling of more joy and less isolation in your life. You will likely feel more satisfied knowing that you have helped bring others a smile in their day too.


Smiling helps to feed the brain with positivity. When you smile the natural release of chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin all increase. These all contribute towards happiness and feeling of well-being. So more smiling equals more brain chemicals and this leads to greater happiness in your life.


Smiling certainly has some great benefits. You will see an improvement in your mood smiling, it will help you feel good, and you will see improvements in your health, helping your mind, body, and brain. Sometimes, however, you may not want to smile. People with missing teeth may find it difficult to smile. Smiling could then bring on feelings of shame or fear. Don’t allow this situation to prevent you from enjoying the benefits mentioned in this article.

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