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To provide our best level of customer service when you call, please have the following items available:

  • The referral issued by your dentist or doctor
  • Your dental medical insurance card
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Insurance and Financing Options

The friendly administrative team can help you fill out any insurance forms and work with your insurance company to make sure you know exactly what and how much your insurance will cover. The office accepts payment from all major credit card providers and offers Care Credit for patients in need of financial assistance.

Reviews From Previous Patients

Hear from real patients.

"I wasn’t uncomfortable or afraid. He made sure I wasn’t in any pain. Everything was fully explained to me in perfect detail."
-Bobbie R.

"A difficult and painstaking extraction became short and as painless as possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thanks so much!"
-Elise B.

"Exceptional experience. Had a wisdom teeth extraction and they were there for me the whole way."
-Michael K.

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What are the benefits of smiling

A smile is one of the most appealing sights that we can see. However, more than just visually appealing, there are also many health benefits of smiling that will increase our well-being. Just think, you can receive all these benefits just from changing your facial expressions! So why not discover some tips on how your health can benefit from smiling.

Signs your wisdom teeth are emerging

Your wisdom teeth are also known as your third set of molars. They usually appear when you reach the age of 17 or up to the age of 25. At this age you are older and (usually) wiser than when the other adult teeth emerged, hence the name. Around the age of six years old, your first molars appear, and when around twelve the second set usually appears.

Commonplace facial injuries

Each year, millions of Americans find themselves with a dental emergency on their hands. Facial trauma is incredibly common, one of the most common reasons people seek out medical assistance from emergency rooms and emergency medical clinics. In fact, 5 million teeth are knocked out every year (on average) in the US alone!