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Whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, dental implants placed, or have sustained a facial trauma that requires corrective surgery, you can count on our oral surgeon and friendly office staff at Fairfield Oral Surgery and Implantology.

In most cases, our team can provide same-day diagnosis and treatment for dental emergencies. Please call the practice if you’ve knocked out a tooth or sustained another facial trauma for customized advice and to arrange emergency care.

About our practice

Our mission

State-of-the-art oral surgery and dental implants

  • To provide expert oral surgeries and follow up care to address and heal a wide range of oral health problems.
  • To treat every patient with respect, integrity, and kindness, as if they’re members of our own families.
  • To ensure every patient is as comfortable and confident as possible while under our care.

Meet our qualified oral surgeons

Fairfield, CA

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon has completed extensive training including dental school, medical programs, and surgical residencies. Backed with extensive experience in delivering outstanding patient care.

Tina Keyhani, DDS

Tina Keyhani is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in Europe and Asia.

Read reviews from previous patients

Hear from real patients.

"This was a great experience! All of the staff were professional and friendly. I had all of my questions answered during my appointment and there were no issues."
-Omar T.

"A difficult and painstaking extraction became short and as painless as possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Thanks so much!"
-Elise B.

"The staff was friendly and made me feel at ease. I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out and I’m on day two with minimal pain. They did a good job. Shout out to nurse Jessi. I don’t normally like nurses, but she’s a good one."
-Katy R.

Watch testimonials from previous patients

Listen to our patients testimonials.

Insurance and Billing

We accept many different insurance plans such as Cigna, Denti-Cal, Aetna, Delta Dental and many more. Please bring your insurance card and forms with you when you come to the office for every appointment. Remember that insurance plans vary and you are responsible for any amount not covered by your policy. We will be happy to help you complete and submit your insurance forms, but address any questions or complaints about your coverage to your insurance carrier.

Our oral surgery services

Our expert surgeons offer a comprehensive range of oral surgeries, including wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, oral pathology, and procedures to repair facial trauma.


Oral Pathology


Surgical Removal of Wisdom Teeth

CT 3D Imaging

Dental Implants

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